History[edit | edit source]

C/n 2193 was until shortly shrouded in mysteries. We had no idea which Japanese unit it flew with (the often quoted tail code 61-108 was also mentioned, much more convincingly, for TAIC 7), nor did we know the fate of this airframe. Frankly, we only knew that it was captured on Aslito Air Field, Saipan, came in on USS Copahee and that it was tested by the USAAF. A surprizing number of colour photographs were taken of this airframe before it vanished. The aircraft was known for years as being C/n 2193, but close inspection of the color photographs shows the much likelier C/n 1293[1] The original tail code was 8-24,[2] most likely for the Sentoki Dai Hachi Hikotai.[3]

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