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Originally intended as a somewhat smaller trans-ocean flying boat than the never built Dornier Do-214, the Blohm & Voss design team headed by dr. Richard Vogt designed a six-engine all-metal flying boat as the BV-222. The design showed a shoulder wing with six separate engine nacelles and a wing with fully retractable floats. With a ‘luxury’ capacity of 24 passengers it was intended for operation by the Deutsche Lufthansa who ordered in September 1937 three of these flying boats. The first of these, the BV-222V1, made its first flight on 7 September 1940 carrying the civil registration D-ANTE. However, at the outbreak of the war the whole BV-222 program was put under military supervision and the BV-222 never flew for the DLH. Instead, it was put in military service at Lufttransportstaffel 222 for transport of troops and supply to the Mediterranean’s. In fact, the long-range test flights with the BV-222V1 were normal military missions! Also the BV-222V2 and V3 were put into service as military transport planes. After some encounters with enemy fighters, all BV-222 received gun installations at several points. Except for the three original DLH machines, a further six were built as BV-222V4 up to/including BV-222V9. A further four of production series were built as BV-222C-10 up to/including BV-222C-013. Also these were used operationally during the war. Because of lack of raw materials, the BV-222C-014, -015, -016 and -017 were never completed. The flying boat was a big and attractive target for allied fighters and five of them were shot down or sunk at their moorings. By the end of the war, some were also destroyed by their crew. Three BV-222’s were captured by Allied forces.


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