MM.91150 was a Fiat G.55 used on 4 August 1944 by test pilot Serafino Agostini, who had been won over by British intelligence, to pick up Allied OSS agent Lt. Francesco Gentil, transferring him over the front-line to the Allied-held Piombino Air Field.

On August 15th, 1944 this aircraft was transferred to Rome, then to Capodichino AB, Naples. There it was marked VF204, painted with RAF roundels, and had it's radio equipment tuned to RAF frequencies and was transfered to the Central Fighter Establishment of Tangmere, Great Britain, where it was tested till lack of spares grounded the aircraft.

On 17 March 1945, with the identification number VF204 still applied, it was transferred to the depot at RAF Ford, and may have been scrapped there somewhere between 1946 and the early 1950's.

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