The Me 410 'Hornisse' Werk Nr 10018 was originally a Me 410A-2 bomber destroyer version built by Messerschmitt at their Augsburg, Germany factory and initially coded SI+KZ. Later it was fitted with an Umrüstsätz (conversion kit) and converted to a Me 410 A-2/U1 photo-reconnaissance aircraft and coded F6+WK it was used by the photo-reconnaissance group 2 (Fernaufklärung)/122 flying from Sardinian and other Mediterranian bases. The aircraft found in undamaged condition at Trapani, Sicily in August 1943, its capture being recorded in RAF AI.2(g) Intelligence Report No. 204 of 12 August. It was handed over to the USAAF and coded EB-103 when it was shipped to the USA in 1944 for evaluation. In the USA the aircraft was allotted the Foreign Equipment code FE-499, which later changed to T2-499. In 1946 it was transferred to Park Ridge, Illinois and in 1950 it was presented to the National Air & Space Museum and stored at its facility in Silver Hill, Maryland. Presently it is in storage at the Paul E. Garber Facility.[1]

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