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110186 was the first production Ju 290 A-7, one of a series of 28 aircraft of which 19 were built, but 6 were destroyed by allied bombing before delivery. '0186' was lucky, being delivered to III./KG200[1] of the Luftwaffe as KR+LQ before being renumbered as 9V+FH with 1.FAGr.5. She later became A3+OB at KG 200, and was surrendered to the Royal Air Force at Flensburg airfield on May 5th 1945.[2] Renumbered "Air Min 6" or "AM6" for evaluation purposes, she was test-flown by the Royal Air Force during the summer of 1945 before being stored at RAF Brize Norton. She was eventually struck off and scrapped on August 14th 1947.[1]

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