Originally flown by KG 76, with unknown code, this aircraft was captured by the British at Grove, Denmark on 5 May 1945. Handed over to Col Watson as 303,[1] it passed to US Navy as USA 7. When flown to Melun/Villaroche (A-55), France on 24 June 1945 the cockpit canopy was lost before landing. Named 'Snafu I' by Watson's Whizzers. Flown to Querqueville (A-23), Cherbourg, France on 29 June 1945. Under Operation Seahorse transported on HMS Reaper with loading number 13 on 19 July 19 45 and arriving at the Military Ocean Terminal, Bayonne, New Jersey on 31 July 1945. Barged to Atlantic Overseas Air Materiel Center, Newark Field, NJ. Transferred to the US Navy Flight Test Division, NAS Patuxent River, MD and Assigned BuNo. 121446. Not flown due to lack of spares. Stricken of charge on 31 January 1946 and scrapped afterwards.

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