History[edit | edit source]

This aircraft was being flown by it's unit's Technical Officer, Oberleutnant Werner Bartels, when it crashed near the Margate-Broadstairs railway line,[3] following combat with a Supermarine Spitfire of 65 Squadron. [N 3]

The aircraft was subsequently displayed, with the cowling panels removed, at Fairfield car park in Croydon, Surrey.[3]

The aircraft's subsequent fate was not recorded.

Editor's Note: Werk Nr 6296 was also used for Junkers Ju52/3m D-AZQH of the Uberführungskennzeichen[5]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. F=flugklar, or repaired to airworthy status. The resulting refit included the fitting of a Bf 109E-4 style canopy.[1]
  2. In this view, the retrofitted later canopy style may be seen to be in a different shade than the surrounding fuselage paintwork. Upon closer inspection, some overspray from the repainted aft fuselage was found on the rearmost portion of the canopy, while the windscreen and hood itself retained the coat of overall 66. Interestingly, the cockpit area may well have been an all Black-Grey 66 interior.[2]
  3. Seriously wounded, Bartels was repatriated in 1943, and joined the Me 262 Program[4]

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