History[edit | edit source]

Also designated Junkers C-79, and originally registered D-AENF,[2] this aircraft was transferred to Lufthansa Sudamerika for Andes service and named 'Aconcagua' on 1 April 1937. Transferred to Brazilian Airline Sindicato Condor as PP-CBA on 11 September 1939, it next joined Lufthansa Sucursal Peru as OA-HHD on 29 November 1940. Syndicato Condor then leased it to Sociedad Ecuatoriana de Transportes Aereos (SEDTA) on 25 April 1941, with whom it was registered as HC-SAD. Confiscated by Peruvian Government Air Force on 5 September 1941, it passed to the USAAF on 13 May 1942 as a war prize.[3] Briefly operated by the USAAF with serial No. 42-52883,[2] the aircraft was turned over to US Public Roads Administration in Costa Rica in December 1943 as TI-60.[3]

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